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We’ll take you through the A-Z of what Grand National betting 2021 is all about, with betting tips and a discussion of the different Grand National betting offers available so you can get the best out of your Grand National betting offers experience. Lastly, and certainly not least, we will show you Grand National 2021 betting strategies, providing you with an edge and increasing your chances of making money betting.

Let’s first discover a bit about the biggest horse racing event on the planet.

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Grand National – Then and Now

The Grand National was first run way back in 1839 and has taken place uninterrupted every year since with the exception of during the 2 World Wars.

The Grand National just keeps growing year on year, and in the world of instant connectivity and online access to information, with tens of millions more people coming online every year, it’s likely to continue to get bigger still.

It’s estimated that 600 million + people watched the race in recent years from around the world. Think about that. Close to 10% of humanity tunes in to watch the few minutes of heart-thumping action, with over £150 million bet on the race.

Betting trends have shown that each and every year, more and more people have a punt on this super race, and it has been reported that mobile bets exceeded 1,500 per minute in recent years. It’s mind-boggling to think how many people are trying their luck on the result of this race. It’s natural to wonder why.

The answer lies in the fact that the Grand National is a highly unpredictable, exciting race, and if you’re going to win a long shot bet that pays big at any racing event on the annual calendar this will be the one. On five separate occasions, the winner has been a 100-1 shot, and it’s not uncommon for 30-1 or even 50-1 shots to be crowned king of the tracks on the big day itself.

The Grand National is also host to 150,000 live spectators, and there’s never any lack of drama at the track. With that many people jam-packed into a highly charged arena, fun and frolics are virtually guaranteed, and this palpable energy transfers through the TV cameras into people’s homes, offices, and pubs across the globe. It’s truly an exciting event to watch, especially when you have a personal financial stake in the outcome.

The race is the main event, but it’s not the only one, and in fact is part of a larger festival called the Aintree Festival. While the other races aren’t as big or famous as the Grand National itself, there are still many exciting races worth tuning in for.

While the festival has a long and eventful history, it’s bigger ad better today than ever before. Thanks to technology and the ease of accessibility to it, this race has never been watched by so many people around the world, so much money has never been bet on it, and there has never been so much at stake as a result.

So there you have it, a brief profile of the best horse racing event in the world. If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, now is the time to do so, because no matter where you are in the world from an office in the city of London to the sun-kissed beaches of Brazil, you can now catch the Grand National live, and bet in real-time on the outcome. Enjoy the Grand National betting offers 2021.

The Grand National Betting 2021 is fixing to be the biggest yet. Let’s turn our attention to some tips and Grand National betting offers.

Grand National Betting 2021: Tips and Tricks

If Red Rum was still alive, our first tip would be to bet on him, since he won 3 times in all. Alas, Red Rum has moved onto to the happy pastures of the horse afterlife, but don’t worry, there are still some simple betting tips you can follow to give yourself as high a chance as possible of walking away with extra cash in your pocket.

      1. Start gathering intelligence early. The more information you have, the better the decision you will make, and that goes for all walks of life, not just horse racing. Thanks to the internet, there is an endless treasure trove of information on the Grand National betting and horse racing in general, including on race history, the horses and jockeys involved, and the trends within the world of horse racing in general at the time. You also need to be aware of the different Grand National odds. Use this information to your advantage. Like a good stock broker does his analysis, a smart horse racing punter does his, and with the ease of access to endless information today, there’s no excuse to go into the Grand National not knowing anything and leaving your bet up to pure luck.
      2. Ignore uninformed rumours. Everybody has a tip when it comes close to race day. Your taxi driver, your local shop assistant, and even your granny will probably have heard through the grapevine which horse is going to win this year. A lot of these tips are deliberate misinformation put out by influential people who want to change the market price to a more favourable one for themselves. Cut out this noise and make your decision based on quality, reliable information from trusted sources. At most top online bookmakers today you will find lots of race stats, expert opinions and even outright tips in the community blogs and outreach emails in the lead up to the race. Filter out the noise and zero in on this information, because this is where the diamonds in the dirt will be found. Think about it, if you were feeling ill, would you believe in an old wives tale for the cure, or would you go see a doctor with a medical degree? The same should apply to Grand National betting tips 2021 and information – stick with the informed opinions and make your decisions based on them. It’s common sense when you think about it.
      3. Don’t bet on the favourite. This might be counterintuitive, but the favourite will in all likelihood not win, and even if they do, the odds will reflect the fact that they are the favourite, leaving you with a bet that equals bigger risk than reward. Smart bets will see you standing to gain a lot from a small stake, and you should consider that when making your betting decisions.
      4. Pay close attention to form. It’s something all veteran, seasoned horse racing punters know, but form is the crucial ingredient and a 100-1 horse on form will beat a 3-1 favourite on a losing streak every single time. Form is not exclusive to horse racing and applies in football, boxing, and just about every other type of sport. You can easily find out which runners are on form by paying attention to the races in the months running up to the Grand National itself. This information can be found in bookmakers newsletters and in fact anywhere horse racing results are posted. Look for horses on a winning streak, the longer the better, and look for horses which have good odds, making your potential returns as enticing as possible.

Grand National 2021

Types of Grand National Betting Offers

Bookmakers offer lots of different deals and offers on horse racing, and in this section, we will take a closer look at them and see exactly what you stand to gain from each deal.

Consider the deals, bonuses, and offers carefully, and make sure you get the best value for your money. If you’re an experienced punter you might be familiar with some or all of these, but if you’re relatively new to the world of horse racing and online betting, this section will be crucial for you and will help you make the right choice regarding bookies deals.

Free Bets
Free bets offers are exactly what the name suggests, but they aren’t always the same when you read the fine print. While they will all say something like “Claim £20 in free bets with a £5 deposit” there are actually some terms and conditions surrounding these deals that make them all quite different from each other when you assess the closely.

Free bets offers do share one common trait no matter what the variations between them. They all aim to offer you, the new and eager punter, a chance to have a risk free shot at scoring some cash by betting on horses. This is typically a multiple of the amount you deposit, such as a £20 free bet for a £5 initial bet.

The free bets offers differ in several different ways, however, including:

      • Structure – Some free bets offers come all as one bet, while others are broken up into smaller bets. For example, if you are given a £20 free bet for depositing and betting with £5, this might come in the form of a single free bet worth £20, or it might come as 4 x £5 free bets. This is what we mean when we talk about structure. You will find this information in the terms and conditions.
      • Play Through Rates – Bookies are clever fellows, and if you think you can just sign up, deposit a fiver, take twenty quid, and run, you’re in for a rude awakening. Bookmakers protect themselves from such exploitative behaviour by placing play through rates on the free bets. Play through rates might be, for example, bet the bonus cash x3 at odds of at least 1.80 before you can withdraw it. Yes, that means the bookmaker stands a very good chance of getting his free bet back, but that’s the game we play and when you sign up at bookmakers, you should understand that that is his aim from the minute you sign up. Play through rates vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and you will find all sorts of terms, from the impossible to meet, to the very reasonable. There are also some bookmakers who will not allow you to withdraw the free bet amount, period, but will allow you to withdraw anything you win once play through rates have been met. What happens if you do try to take the free bet cash out before you meet the play through rates? That depends on the individual policy of the bookie in question, but at the very least you will lose the free bet money and any winnings, and at the worst, you will be banned from betting at that bookies again.
      • Validity – Free bets don’t just sit in your account forever. The bookmakers have to keep cash flowing, and typically free bets will expire after a certain period of time. This might be 7 days or it might be 30. Always read the terms and conditions to find out, or talk to the customer service team if you are in doubt. Note that play through rates also have time limits, in that you will have a set period of time to meet them before your free bet bonus becomes void.
      • Claiming Terms – Free bets deals can also have different terms as to how to actually activate and get them. At some bookies you will have to enter a bonus or promo code when registering, at others, you will just have to create an account and make a bet, while at others you will have to contact customer support. We will always tell you clearly how to claim any free bets offers we promote. When you see these elsewhere, you will need to read the claim terms carefully to find out how to activate your free bet offer.
      • Eligible Markets – There may also be some restrictions as to what markets you can actually bet on using your free bets. This isn’t always the case, and some bookies will give you free reign, whereas others will restrict their free bets to certain markets. Always check this out before accepting free bets offers. Needless to say, if the offer is specific to horse racing, you will be able to bet on the Grand National using it.

Risk-Free Bets
These are slightly different from the free bets, in that they are more like a guarantee that if your first bet fails, up to a certain limit, the bookmaker will give you another bet to the same value.

These tend to pop up around major sporting events to give those who would otherwise avoid betting out of fear of loss a way to try their luck risk-free. Since the Grand National is about as major as sports events get, be sure to keep your eyes out for these offers as the race draws near.

Enhanced Odds Bets
It’s an offer made at most bookies make these days, but one which can only benefit us, punters.

Enhanced odds bets give you a much better price than you would find at bricks and mortar bookmakers across the world. You can’t get a better price than everyone else at a betting shop in the real world, but you can do just that at many online bookmakers.

Eager to sign up new punters, and hoping you will stick around after the initial bet, many bookmakers on the web are more than happy to offer you bets at seriously competitive odds. This could be by offering you 20/1 on a horse that’s fetching 4/1 odds at other bookies, for example.

You will definitely see these types of offers popping up in the run up to the Grand National since it’s the perfect time to offer such deals, just when there’s a lot of attention being paid to the race.

Note that taking these enhanced odds bets will usually lead to some terms and conditions such as play through rates being imposed on winning bets.

You didn’t think the bookie would give you something for nothing, did you?!

Win Boosts
Another form of great bet offer that bookies offer is win boosts, meaning if you place a bet and win, the amount you can walk away with will be ‘boosted’, typically to the tune or x2 or x3.

This is a great offer to take since it represents a risk-free chance to walk away with more money than you otherwise would have. Of course, there will be some limits on these bets in terms of the maximum amount you can win. The bookie can’t afford to have you clean his safe out if lady luck gives you a tap on the shoulder on race day, so he will typically limit the amount you can stake on these win boost bets.

Grand National Betting 2021

Grand National Betting Strategies

There are several tried and tested betting strategies which you can apply to the Grand National 2021 to increase your chances of winning. Please remember that there is always an element of luck involved in betting on horses, and the aim of the game is to have fun. There is no way to reduce your risk to zero, but there are some ways to give lady luck a clearer path to approach you.

      1. Go for the Long Shots: There’s no race more probable to pay out on a major long shot than the Grand National. Part of the thrill of horse racing overall is that anything can happen, but at no race is this truer than the Grand National. This is a betting strategy that doesn’t require a whole lot of thought or planning, but if it comes good, it will pay out handsomely. Look for bets paying out between 30-1 and 100-1 and stick a few pounds on several of them. This is a sort of ‘shotgun’ approach, giving you the chance to have a stake on several horses in the race, knowing that if any one of them pays out you will stand to make back all of the small bets you placed and then some. Don’t go overboard with this or give it too much thought. Just pick a few attractive numbers and place your bets.
      2. Lay Bet Using Statistics: There’s something called lay betting, which essentially means you are betting against a horse to win the race. To perform a statistical lay bet, find the three favourites as race day approaches and look for horses that have odds of 3.0 and 5.8, and place a lay bet against the one with the lowest odds. Statistics show that horses with these kind of odds only win races 17% of the time when in the top three picks, meaning you stand an 83% chance of winning your bet. This will only work when the top three are within these price ranges. You will have to wait until race day to find out.
      3. Look for Forgotten Favourites: There are some horses that have been on blinding form for a long time and are highly regarded, but who, due to a recent loss or two, have seen the general consensus turn against them. Naturally, bookies base their odds on the opinions of experts and so will offer higher odds on these horses as a result. You want to find these highly regarded horses and back them on the basis that they have huge potential and have simply had a bad day or two. If you’re right and they come out in full force on race day, reaching what you already know through research is their full potential, you will have a nice win on your hands at higher odds than you would have gotten had that horse won its previous races.
      4. Bet on Streaks: We mentioned earlier that you should pay attention to form when making your betting decisions. Some punters actually believe this is a way to make sounds bets, period and don’t pay attention to much else other than current form. The idea of betting on streaks is that you pick horses which are on win streaks coming into the Grand National itself. There will likely be more than one in a race this size, and they will have various odds attached to them. The idea is to pick the horses on winning streaks with enticing odds, meaning you will get more bang for your buck when the bet comes good. The favourite is likely to be on a winning streak, too, but you might want to avoid betting on it as the odds will be lower. Pick a horse that’s winning, winning, and winning some more, but which the experts don’t give a high chance of winning the Grand National to, and which has odds that will leave you up multiples of your stake should it run the race of its life.
      5. Consult Your Crystal Ball: We’re just kidding, of course, but you might as well use this method as any other. In the end, it will come down to a little luck on race day and whether or not a Grand National payday is written in your stars. Have fun betting and don’t take it super seriously. Strategies can definitely nudge the dial in your direction, but there’s no surefire way to win. The Grand National is renowned for being unpredictable, even by experts who have spent their entire lives involved with horse racing.

Tip: In all seriousness, do pay attention to the teams and trainers the horses are trained by. Irish horses are the undisputed kings of the tracks, and if you find a horse trained by a renowned Irish master trainer, that in itself is worthy of your attention. We wouldn’t bet on this alone, but it should definitely factor into any decision you make.

Horse Racing Betting FAQs

Now let’s turn our attention to some of the most common questions regarding horse racing, the betting offers 2021, and the Grand National 2021 in general. If you’re new to the sport or don’t quite think you have it all figured out just yet, this section is right for you.

When you ask anyone about sports betting, they probably think of horse racing first. The two things are married in the minds of most people, and there’s a good reason for that.

Horse racing is hugely exciting and deeply unpredictable, meaning there’s always a chance to make a fortune on a long shot. You could lose several bets in a row and make it all back and then some on the back of a lucky long shot bet.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly. There are several other major horse races throughout the year including the Melbourne Cup and Cheltenham, but the Grand National is something special and the best way to find out why is to watch it and have a punt yourself.

As long as you are 18 years old and betting is legal in your country, you will be able to bet on the Grand National.

Some online bookmakers will have some restrictions on players from certain countries, in that they won’t accept them because of legal issues. If this is the case for you and you find yourself excluded from the bookmakers we recommend, you can always try a local bookie closer to home.

The race is on at venues all over the country on the day and you’ll be able to watch live to see if you’ve picked the winner. Most bars will show it, especially if they have a sports theme. Be aware of the places dress codes, though. Getting turned away at the door is probably a sign it isn’t your lucky day!

We wouldn’t want to name a specific horse because anything can happen even before the race has been run, and we wouldn’t want to misguide you.

If you pay attention to what you’ve learned in this guide and you also scrutinize the results in the run up to race day, you will quickly begin to notice patterns forming and will come up with some good ideas as to which horse(s) to bet on.

The race will be run on the 10th April, 2021. Pay attention closer to the date for exact race times.

Grand National 2021 Summary

So, now you know at least the basics of what the Grand National is all about, and some basic tips and strategies for betting on it.

Keep the information you have learned here in mind as you explore the rest of the site and read our excellent bookmaker reviews. We have picked the best of the best online, bringing you some great deals and offers on horse racing at world-class online bookies.

Don’t be afraid to step up and join the tens of millions of fellow punters who will try their luck on the Grand National. If you’re ever going to have a go, now is the best time to do so, with some great deals available and the ability to place bets in real-time, even during the race thanks to live betting.

Enjoy the Grand National 2021. It’s time to learn what the magic of this event is all about.


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